Ben Carson was born September 18 1951in Detroit, Michigan. He was raised by his mom and dad up until his dad left when Carson was eight. His dad left because he had a second family. Carson's mom then had to take care of two boys. Her mental state got bad a few times and she ended up checking herself into psychiatric help facilities. She raised Ben as a Seven Day Adventice. This led to him wanting to be a doctor. His preacher always had stories about doctors and God. Now been was not a bright kid in the beginning but his mom started making him and his brother check out two books a week and write reports on them. This led Carson to become a smarter person and he ended up going to Yale and becoming a doctor. Due to these and many other reasons Ben Carson has become a symbol of pride, perserverance, desire, hard work, love, and success.
"After I started pulling, ahead in school, the desire to be smart grew stronger and stronger. One day I thought, It must be a lot of fun for everybody to know you're the smartest kid in the class. That's the day I decided that the only way to know for sure how that would feel was to become the smartest."(39)
This is an important quote because this is the point in Dr. Carson's life were he decide to become an overachiever. He also lets it be known that even though he is an African American he can be smart than than the white kids.He not only motivates himself but he decides he will not be a statistic and make a life and name for himself.
He at that moment in the book also inpired other children that they too could create there own future. The determination Carson had at young age carried over to when
he was in college which allowed him to accomplish things he thought he would never be able to do.
" My grades dropped. I went from the top of the class to being a C student. Even worse, achieving only average grades didn't bother me because I was part of the in-group. I hung out with the popular guys. They invited me to their parties and jam sessions. And fun- I was having more fun than I'd ever had in my life because I was one of the guys. I just wasn't very happy."(50-51)
Ben Carson as he got older became one of the many victims of peer pressure. This not only brings down his grades but causes him distress and makes him become violent. He becomes so unhappy that he trys to stab his friend. He stops focusing on his life goal and focuses on pleasing his "friends". He in this one section shows he is not superstar student but an ordinary kid with the same problems as others. This experience is one of many connections between I and others have with Dr.Carson. I find this quote to capture not only capture the human side of Carson but all of us.
" I stared at the ten-dollar bill on the table before me, knowing I had to make a choice. And since I had only one chance, I wanted to make sure I made the right one. For days I'd considered the matter from every possible angle. I'd prayed for God to help me. But it still seemed to come down to making one single decision."(71)
In this part of the book Carson is trying to make the decision of where he will send his one college application. We all have to make tough decisions in life, and many times if we make the wrong one we don't get a second chance or we suffer severe consiquinces. I think the reason Carson put it in here is to show that we must think about what we do and if we do it then we need to do it 100 percent. He also shows that no matter what the size of the thing you have to make a decision about you should think about it first.
" After less than a week on campus I discovered I wasn't that bright. All the students were bright; many of them were extremely gifted and perceptive. Yale was a great leveler for me, because I now studied, worked, and lived with dozens of high-achieveing students, and I didn't stand out amoung them."(73)
Carson inserts this part of his life to show us that no matter how good we get their will always be some one better. I also like this quote because it shows that no matter what we do we should always stay humble and keep our heads out the sky or we will have a crash landing when we come across the truth. Also I think he puts this quote in here to show people not to be arrogant. Many times in his life before this incident he has been the big dog at school but now he has found out there is life outside of Tennessee.
" What am I doing at Yale anyway? It was a legitimate question, and I couldn't push the thought away. Who do I think I am? Just a dumb black kid from the poor side of Detroit who has no business trying to make it through Yale with all these intelligent, affluent students. I kicked a stone and sent it flying into the brown grass. Stop it, I told myseld. You'll only make it worse. I turned my memories back to those teacher who told me, Benjamin, you're bright. You can go places."(74-75)
This quote signifies that Carson even though he was down could pick himself up through hard times. He ends up passing his exam and class because of his strong will to keep on chugging. He shows that there is always some one who believes in you or that can motivate you.I think he puts this in here to let the readers know that even though they are going through hard times if they look at the brighter side then they will be able to prosper. Also I like it because this same method helps me through tough situations even if I am only pushing myself and have no help.
I used a simple method, but I didn't go by the standard procedures- and I share this story because I think it illustrates another principle in my life. It's like the popular song of a few years ago that says" I did it my way." Not because I oppose rules- it would be crazy to to do surgery without obeying certain rules- but sometimes regulations hinder and need to be broken or ignored."(82)
The significance of this quote is not that you should always try to find short cuts or the easy way out of things but more that if something is difficult lessen the stress by altering a few things. I like this quote because without simple things we could understand the hard parts of everyday life. This quote also applies to school, you shouldn't procrastinate but spread your work out so you don't have to cram. I think he puts this in here to let the reader know that it is not necessary to do everything the hard way but also that if you do you shouldn't break the rules doing it.

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