Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. (July 5, 1943 – February 6, 1993)

Arthur Ashe was a professional tennis player and he was the only African American who won the U.S. open. Ashe was born in Richmond, Virginia. He also learned how to play tennis in Virginia. Ronald Charity was his coach and he was also coached by Walter Johnson. When Ashe was young, he accepted an offer from St. Louis tennis official to attend summer school; he was recognized by Sports Illustrated. In 1963, Ashe was awarded tennis scholarship to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After he got into UCLA, he became the first African American who played United States Davis Cup team. He won the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) singles title contribute to UCLA. In 1968, Ashe won United States Amateur Championships and the U.S. open, leading his team into victory. He was the only player who won both of the two champions in the same year. Ashe died on Feburary, 6, 1993, the cause of him death was toxoplasmosis, a disease related to AIDS. Ashe was memorialized and there is a statue of him in Richmond, Virginia.

Arthur Ashe
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"From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however. makes a life." -Arthur Ashe

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.jpg

Self- portrait of Arthur Ashe
Statue of Arthur Ashe on
Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia

Words under the statue:
"Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses. let us lay aside every weight. and the sin which so easily ensnares us. and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."

These words under the statue came from the Bible, Hebrews 12:1-3, New King James Version.
Arthur Ashe Monument Avenue.jpg

Singles Matches

1968- U.S. National Champion, USA
1968- US Open, New York City, USA
1970- Australian Open, Australia
1970- Berkeley, California
1970- Paris, France
1971- Charlotte, USA
1971- Paris, France
1971- Stockholm Open, Sweden
1972- Louisville WCT, Montreal WCT, Rome WCT, ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament, Rotterdam WCT
1973- Chicago WCT, Washington
1974-Barcelona WCT, Bologna WCT, Stockholm
1975- Barcelona WCT, Dallas WCT, Los Angeles, Munich WCT, Rotterdam WCT, San Francisco, Stockholm - WCT, Wimbledon
1976- Columbus WCT, Indianapolis WCT, Richmond WCT, Rome WCT, Rotterdam WCT
1978- Colombus, Los Angeles, San Jose
Quotes from Arthur Ashe Portrait in Motion
"Understand now, I don't feel sorry for myself- I'm not apologizing- and I'm certainly not blaming Dr. Johnson. This man made me a tennis player, for God's sake."(75)
This passage from the diary teaches a lesson about life. Ashe lost his tennis matches and he did not feel bad about losing. He did not blame anyone for the result of his matches. Some people would be mad at themselves or mad at other people. Some might even be depressed. Ashe did not blame Dr. Johnson because he taught him how to play tennis.
"My own case is complicated by the fact that I'm the ony one. I am the black minister or black educator, a bloc by myself."(173)
Ashe said he was the only black tennis player. The title of this chapter is "You must be a loner in tennis". He said that he has all the responsibilities of making decisions. When he makes decisions, he is not making them for himself, he's making them for the whole community of black people.
"All right, I broke up with Kathy this morning. I just woke up and decided that it was the best thing to do. I don't want the responsibility of having to worry about her, and us, anymore, and the chemistry has ebbed."(254)
Arthur Ashe broke up with his girlfriend,Kathy. He said that was the hardest thing he had to do in his life. Ashe ended the relationship with his girlfriend because he didn't want to be concerned about her anymore. Thus, the emtion faded from the connection for him.
"the life we lead in tennis is most unlike that in any other sport. Tennis knows no season now. and it is spectacularly international. I don't really live anywhere."(20)
Ashe said that tennis is an international sport because tennis players play matches all over the world. They cannot stay in one place because they have matches in many different countries. Since they don't live in one specific place, Ashe doesn't feel that he has an offical home. It must be disturbing for a person to feel like he does not having a home.
"Long day, I'm bushed. Up in Boston at 6:15, so I could do a clinic for American Express down here at 10. This is what happens when you're flying all around and playing different surfaces."(42)
Ashe had busy days attending to all of his appointments. He had many commitments other than tennis. Ashe played different people all around the world and also taught tennis at major corporations. Ashe was tired because the appointments were in different locations. Each location was composed of different materials and he needed to adjust to each of them.
"Besides all the black and white laws in South Africa, they have blue laws too: no sports or executions on Sunday."(135)
Ashe said that in South Africa, black and white were treated differently. Since they were treated differently, it was hard for Ashe to practice tennis. I founded interesting that there were laws that prevented people from doing sports on Sunday. Ashe was faced with laws regarding the two races, black and white, and laws stating whether a person could participate in activities.

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